Jiu-jitsu Class Format

Alexandria Soo Do Kwan

Jiu-Jitsu class overview

Warm-ups & solo drills | Live drilling | Free sparring

Our jiu-jitsu classes consist of three major elements:

  • Warm-ups and solo drills – Warm-ups prepare your body for the workouts and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. The warm-ups are based on Jiu-Jitsu movements and lead to solo drills. Solo drills involve practicing selected Jiu-Jitsu techniques without a partner.
  • Live drilling– Working selected fundamental techniques, including various positions, escapes, and submissions, with both compliant and noncompliant partners.
  • Free-sparring (rolling) – Applying a multitude of techniques with an actively resistant partner.

The above represents a brief summary of our classes which are designed to accommodate all abilities in a supportive environment. Our instructor, Leo Maggio, is a decorated tournament player, has taught around the world, and is passionate about making Jiu-Jitsu accessible to all.

What to expect during a class

  • At the beginning of class, we all bow to the senior rank.
  • Then, we warm up with some basic movements done slowly, break a sweat, and begin stretching. Once warm, we practice a handful of techniques repeatedly (solo drills).
  • The solo drills are based around the techniques that lead to the following part of class: live drilling.
  • Next, we move to free-sparring.
  • To conclude the class, we cool down, stretch, and bow out.

Class schedule

  • Tuesday-7:30-9pm
  • Friday-7:30-9pm
  • Saturday-10am-11:30am