What to Expect for Prospective Students

Basics | Forms | Sparring | Self-defense

Our classes consist of four major elements: (1) basic movements and drills, (2) forms, (3) sparring, and (4) self-defense. Basic movements include various strikes and footwork. Forms are a series of linked movements designed to improve mechanical efficiency, coordination, strength, flexibility, and stamina. Sparring is a sport-like activity that involves an exchange of controlled, but unscripted attacks and defenses. Self-defense practice is where we apply the movements derived from the former aspects of training to escape harmful situations; including being pinned against the ground. The training of these elements is always interspersed with calisthenics. It makes for a great workout, so you can expect to sweat, a lot.

Our classes are a mix of art, sport, and self-defense with some history and philosophy mixed in. Mondays are focused on basic movements and forms. On Thursdays we focus on sparring and ground defenses. Saturdays are devoted to basic movements and forms, and Sundays (with permission of the instructor) are for you to practice as you see fit. Self-defense is practiced throughout the week. It’s best to come to a Monday class for your first class.

At the beginning of class, we all line up, salute the flags, bow to the senior rank, and do some brief breathing and meditation. Then we warm up with some soft movements, break a sweat and begin stretching. Once warm, we practice a handful of techniques until we’re exhausted. This practice sometimes includes hitting pads or wooden targets. The techniques that we practice during any given class varies.  But in general, if we practice any sport-oriented sparring techniques, it will be on Thursdays. Typically, we are moving and sweating up until the last minute of class. If time permits, we cool down at the end of class with stretching. If we’re running late, we will line up again, meditate, recite the training hall rules, bow out, and stretch after class informally.

Except for Saturdays (90 min), our classes are 2 hours. Initially, you won’t need a uniform, belt, or sparring gear. Just show up with clothes that you don’t mind getting sweaty and bring plenty to drink. If you decide you like the classes and want to become a member, we’ll go through our wholesale account (with no markup) and get you what you need.